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Basic Computer Troubleshooting

Computers play an important role in our life and you would rarely see a business that does not use one. But sadly, these machines require constant servicing since they can break easily especially under heavy use. You know that it is time for your computer to be subject for electronic repair when your PC always crashes, freezes and gives you that blue screen. Computers, however, are machines that sometimes even a person with no technical knowledge can fix. So if your computer is acting up on you, here are some quick and simple computer repairs that you can do at home or in the office:

An Electronic Repair Expert: DIY Guide to Electronic Repair Jobs

electronic repair Beaumont, TXMemory

If your computer crashes and freezes a lot, then the memory is the primary suspect especially if you are running a lot of applications in the background. You can check the apps that are running by going to the task manager of your computer (if running Windows) and check if the memory usage is very high. Try closing some apps and if possible, uninstall unnecessary ones to free up some space and RAM. You can also upgrade your computer’s memory.


The purpose of the fan in your computer’s case and CPU is to prevent overheating. If you notice that the fan is not spinning or it is too noisy, then your computer might overheat soon and this can cause damages to fragile parts inside of the casing. You can prevent this by cleaning the fans from time to time and as for the CPU fan, it might be best to get professional computer service to avoid damages to the central processing unit.


If your keyboard or mouse is not working or if your monitor has no display, then it might be best to check if the connections are finger tight. If they are and there is still no display on the monitor, then your video card might be defective and if the problem is the keyboard or the mouse, then it might be time to buy a new one.

Affordable electronic repair service in Beaumont, TX

However, electronic repair is a job best left to a professional computer servicing company like Elite Phone Repair. If you live in a location like Beaumont, TX, take your computer to your local shop and have it fixed right away.

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