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Has Your Cell Phone Stopped Working?

So, your cell phone suddenly went black. It can happen to any of us. No, you don’t need a new phone because the reason for this problem could be simple and an easy fix for a qualified mobile phone repair service technician. What could be the causes?

Software issue. You could just have a minor software glitch. Sometimes, such problems spring up out of the blue. You can rectify it by removing your phone’s battery, wait for a while, and put it back. Turn on your mobile phone to see if it will work. A quick reset sometimes is the best solution for such bugs. If your device is still black, you have no other choice but to call a specialist.

Common Phone Failures Explained by an Experienced Mobile Phone Repair Service Technician

Hardware failure. Another possible reason for such a problem could be a single hardware issue. If your LCD has gone bad, the cable that runs between LCD and control board has gone bad as well, or the cable connections are just loose, all you need to do is turn it off and open it. Now, you can replace or reset the defective parts and try to turn it on again.

Liquid damage. Liquid spills could cause your phone to go black too, especially if the liquid wasn’t pure water. If you have spilled your coffee or juice over your device, you might have caused a short circuit. Your phone will just stop working completely. What you have to do is to open it immediately and dry all the wet parts. If they have already got damaged, you should replace them.

Other options. If your mobile phone is still under warranty, then the best solution for you would be to bring it into the store you bought it from or to its manufacturer. For example, if you have an Apple phone, you can take it for repair in an Apple repair shop. Also, you can check if it has insurance and if it covers that kind of trouble.

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